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When you think about living outside the metro, there’s a connotation that you’ll get a less exciting life in a secluded rural area where you can do nothing but watch TV inside your house. That’s not what you’re getting from this residential development in the capital of Cavite.

Metrogate Trece Martires City has the amenities you’ll need for a fun and exciting life that will keep you satisfied within the bounds of your local community.

Speaking of sufficiency, Metrogate has a modern club house equipped with a function hall and a swimming pool. The function hall can accommodate more than a hundred guests so you won’t need to look for a venue outside the village for your special occasions. You can hold birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and even weddings here.

The function hall looks elegant and spacious, with an attractive ceiling structure that’s easy to style and decorate.

If you’re aiming for a pool party, you don’t need to look further because there are two swimming pools inside the village that are both well-maintained. Even without an occasion to celebrate, you can ring your kids along here to refresh and relax especially on a hot summer day. Kids always go gaga over weekend swimming getaway. Metrograte’s club house has a pool appropriate for kids and a separate pool for adults.

There are weekends when we just want to stroll, let our eyes feast on the greeneries, and simply breathe fresh air as we ponder about life and our future. On weekends like this, there are landscape parks within this residential development where you can put your mind at ease, relax, and just enjoy the view. Watch the sunset with your wife, while your kids run and play in this park located conveniently within the village.

Every morning, you can also jog along the streets of these landscape parks while enjoying the view of creatively arranged plants, flowers, and trees in this part of your village.

For sports hobbyists and athletes, Metrogate Trece Martires will not leave you wishing you live some place else.

It has both tennis and basketball courts that are well-maintained, spacious, and conducive for your athletic activities. Invite your friends for tennis tournaments and basketball matches. Start a basketball league on summer or simply teach your kids so they can learn this sports.

With these two amenities for sports enthusiasts, you wouldn’t have to leave the village just to practice and play. Invite your friends and colleagues to Metrogate’s basketball or tennis court and they will get jealous of how conducive these courts are for sports games.

  • Function Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Landscape Parks
  • Clubhouse
  • Tennis Court
  • Basketball Court
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